Airliner touchdown sounds based on G load


Something that has always bothered me with the sim, if I perform a heavy landing, it never sounds heavy! I recently had the joy of flying the BA 777ER sim over at Heathrow engineering, I undertook loads of landings, some were greasers, some dropped onto the runway like a sack of potatoes. I really knew about the bad ones as I of course felt the thud from the sim movement but also heard the sound.

So.... is this possible within P3d? the ability to play different sounds depending on how hard or soft the touchdown was? is there anything out there (gauge?) which monitors the G load and then allows a corresponding wavefile to be played. I have serched but cant see anything, unfortunately I know zilch when it comes to writing gauges otherwise I would have a go



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Not sure if P3D provides such a thing by default (don't think so) but a small XML gauge that plays a touchdown sound (via Doug's XMLsound gauge), with a volume based on VerticalSpeed prior to touchdown, would be easy to make.
Would work in FSX and P3D.

I just finished creating the Torretta AAB Italy airfield for WWII. Besides me I know that there are probably a lot of guys who fly WWII would like to have this gauge in their aircraft too. I found by accident a C-47 pilot's notes that said when he landed on PSP it sounded like a cable car and I found a .wav for cable car I would like to play when our B-24s land on PSP runways. Can you write code for us? Would really appreciate it. I have done visual gauges but never a sound gauge. Once someone shows me I keep it for the future. Thank you Rob.