Airspace definitions tool?

Airspace definitions inc comms data is pretty crucial to correct working of any ATC system. Being a bit p*ssed off with my atc prog (VoxATC) telling me to do things that really werent proper because the default definitions were wrong I decided I wanted to update the airspace definitions that came hard baked with the sim (in bnxworld01.bgl). So, I removed the default data for the entire UK from that fileset and recreated it.

To do so manually would have been a royal PITA and I have zero prgramming skills, so I just created an excel spreadsheet that would use input cut and paste data from the UKAIP and output correctly formatted xml code ready to be run through bglcomp.

I imagine for someone who knows how to create the front end GUI and link bglcomp into it, it would be relatively easy to create a much more user friendly tool?

If anyone wants to take up that challenge or just see whether it would be easy enough to do I'm happy to freely share my excel sheet with all the logic and parsing detail in....??

Cheers K
It's not too much of an issue making one tool (I've done so some time back, in Pascal at the time, for Slovakia), the issue is you'd have to make it for every country separately because of different formats... at which point your excel spreadsheet doesn't look like a bad option time-wise

I do plan to get somewhat into C# though when some books arrive, so I might just take a look.
I think I had in mind an app that would convert generic data to xml/compiled bgl, with plugins that allowed conversion of individual country published info to the generic data format first - thereby saving everyone from reinventing the logic repeatedly...?
Generic data, hmm. That could pretty much mean recreating the program all over again, except for the GUI... might be worth investigating. It could be worthwhile if input data definition could be simplified enough...