Alternative to Global Mapper?

Does anyone know of a program that will do what Global Mapper does for less than what I pay for rent each month? I have the program, but I'm unable to export any data so it's basically worthless other than to practice on and I don't have the deep pockets it takes to buy it. I do very little mesh work but do have a project I'm working on that requires a Global Mapper type program to finish the conversion so I can run it through resample and get the necessary bgl file.
I have gotten as far as downloading the data from the USGS as "Geotiffs". My next step was to import the data into Global Mapper and export that in the format needed by "resample" to compile the final bgl.

I'll give your suggestion a try. . .thanks!
Hi Ed:

Global Mapper demo versions can still be useful to read and copy out the Metadata for the GeoTIFFs into NotePad text files may then be saved for for use in preparing the *.INF files for SDK Resample.

Also, since the GIS cartographic projection of the source data files is most often the major issue that compels one to use a GIS application to re-project ones data into a format compatible with SDK Resample, perhaps if you post the current GIS cartographic projection info for your source files, someone here could post a guide for you using QGIS to explain the required steps to re-project your source data ? ;-)

PS: You may wish to refer to this thread for related info:

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