P3D v3 AN.AGN identifier

Is there a AN.AGN identifier number tool available to help identify a rogue file in my VFR PhotoScenery texture folder which contains thousands of an.agn files?

I've had a mysterious black square appear at Thrapston south of RAF Wittering and have sent days trying to locate it.
Its not a disused flatten bgl.
It does not show on the Autogen Annotator tool but all the vegetation does.

Pics show problem:-


I'm using P3Dv3.4 with VFR PhotoScenery covering whole of UK, I have'nt flown in this part of the UK for some time so don't really know where this has originated from. The scenery tile is V2-24-11765213 but would like to identify the an.agn tiles as well.




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Hi Nigel,

You can use a tool like TCalc to find the agn file for a specific location.

But I'm not sure the agn is the problem, more looks like an issue in the photo scenery itself.
Hello Arno,

Thanks for swift reply, I did think that at first and re-installed Area 2 but it still showed up. I used idTileX to locate the correct .bgl and when I use the SDK Autogen Annotator the anomaly does'nt show on the Tool image at all, so thats why I think its an agn problem.
Where do I find the Tcalc tool?

Thank you DaveWG, downloaded and problem sorted.
That was my next task to rectify the problem: disable all my airfields one by one till image disappears, you've saved me a lot of work, cheers!