P3D v3 An aiseparation like program

I have been using aiseparation to prevent AI go arounds and it seems to be the most simple (though not realistic) and effective solution around. However it has some problems that it can resolve only a few conflicts at once and does not have rule to prioritize in them which ones (would like to prioritize those closest to airport), and sometimes malfunctions failing to deal with some. It was in 2005 when last this program was updated and since then no other utility using similar approach has come up. I do not have experience in coding or making fsx/p3d utilities, still I thought I would ask what would be required and the easiest way to make a new utility that works may be through simconnect exactly as aiseparation plus overcomes above limitations? Also would it be possible to take control of AI aircraft after rollout to perform fast runway exit and give it back to p3d control on clearing the runway?

I suppose the easiest way is to contact the original author and ask him to make his code open-source and upload it to somewhere like github, then you will need to learn C++ coding the best you can, and if the software is structured well you can hopefully just play around with changing constants.

Adding a fast runway exit for AI aircraft can be done with SimConnect, but it's pretty advanced stuff and not easily learned especially with no coding experience or programming education.