FS2004 Animate to Wind Direction

Hey there,

I've been working on a small weather station with a wind vane w/ a spinning propeller for wind speed. I followed the wiki article, but I have run into an issue.

After modifying the ASM and recompiling with BGLC_9 (and placing several objects because of the wind direction glitch) the vane is not rotating with the wind. Would someone mind checking my code (attached)? I have a feeling I missed something basic somewhere after staring at the screen for a few hours. :D




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Just off the top of my head...

Wind rotation requires 2 rotating objects in the viewport. It's a bug in the FS2004 scenery engine. What I do is to hide a very small (scaled) version at the center of the rotating object. I'ts so small it's just a speck. Then both objects will rotate. Give it a try.

Here's a wiki article that also references the need for 2 rotating objects:


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Hey Dick,

I had already done that. I've got about 6 objects (to be safe) hidden everywhere from the base of the weather station (at minor scale) to nearby buildings.

The direction of the wind vane isn't right from the startup of the sim...it is always facing north.