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Announcing acewinddesigns.wix.com

Hello everyone.

A few weeks ago I got an idea of saving my work on an online cloud, because I always loose textures and 3d models frequently. This idea started the roots for AceWindDesigns. The reason for this post is to see what your thoughts are, and if you have any ideas for the site. Right now I am still constructing it, but I plan to release it before its ready.

AceWindDesigns is almost completely run by contributors. If you want to contribute now, you will be among the first contributors of this site. To Contribute please see this link

Here is the link to the site

I feel that this could be a great tool, especially to FS developers. If you have any suggestions or questions, be sure to send them to me through this post or you can email me at acewinddesigns@gmail.com
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What's the difference to the big sites?

Personally, I prefer distribution via Google Drive because it grants me 100% control of content and revision management.
I personally prefer Google Drive myself too, but I didn't know that others did. I have added google drive to the list.

My goal with this site is to upload and let others upload textures, 3d objects, effects, and sounds, that were specifically made for flight simulator, and at the same time let others enjoy nice quality freeware addons. Here is a link to the About Us page.

This site might be a great success, or it might fail. But the cool thing is, because it is all free and run by those that contribute, I won't lose anything if it does not work out. It all depends on our contributors. With this site I am testing an idea of mixing flight simulator customers with developers to see if they can come up with cool ideas together.

The site is now open to the public. Right now it is still under construction, and I will be working on it every day.



Here at AceWindDesigns we are proud to announce our first contribution. We have been working hard on improving the site wherever we can, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

The well known flight simulator tutorial producer Austin Sass, also known as DXtrans has made the first contribution to our collection of free developer textures. We are so grateful for his contributions, and hope to see more uploads in the future.

Check out his work.

The Hall of Contributors - http://acewinddesigns.wix.com/acewind#!sass-creations/wt94g
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLxXT4WGw3IjpLaMhfzRPAQ
FSDevloper - http://acewinddesigns.wix.com/acewind#!about-us/vcq8x
Spokane International Airport (KGEG) - http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/spokane-international-airport-kgeg.200296/

Now if anyone has any questions about the site, feel free to ask. When I started this site, I was trying to make a place where I could keep my textures and models because they would always get lost or deleted. But then I came up with the idea of publicly sharing it, and letting others as well. Working on fs sceneries myself, I've come to realize that professional and non-professional fsdevelopers want and need their own custom made objects and textures. I used to say to myself, well then there is no use for your site, so I asked myself what do most airports have that have to be modeled eventually. After answering this question I had made a list with lots and lots of things that I, or anyone, could share that could be used in most airports.

So to summarize AceWindDesigns is there for basic tools and supplies that take developers time to make themselves when working on their own projects. The cool part is, lots of people prefer their own custom made supplies, such as textures, but with AceWindDesigns you can download a texture and open it in your favorite editor and customize it to fit your airport.

Another thing you might ask is: Is AceWindDesigns made to do the same thing that FSDeveloper.com was made to do? And the answer is NO. First, I'd like to say nothing will ever replace FSDeveloper. The people that have made FSDeveloper what it is are some of the greatest people around. Their knowledge has continually inspired lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of other developers. AceWindDesigns doesn't offer very much, but we feel that we should promote FSDeveloper on our site, which should bring more traffic, and maybe more developers to the FSDeveloper community. To Learn more click the link http://acewinddesigns.wix.com/acewind#!about-us/vcq8x

Things that AceWindDesigns does. With this site you can sell free scenery, aircraft, and anything that you like making. It also lets you share textures, and 3d models, etc, with other developers. You can also promote your work by sharing in the news page (this page is still under construction) You can also make/join a team in any kind of project. And lastly the hall of contributors. The Hall of Contributors was made to promote your work whether it be payware or not. You can share your products, and pretty much anything on that page.

Over time the site will have more content.

You are probably getting tired of me telling you over and over again of what it does.:tapedshut Go check it out http://acewinddesigns.wix.com/acewind:)