FS2004 Approaching lights error

this is the SCASM code of my runway:

Area( 5 N66:21:49.7326 E014:18:05.5511 12 )
    LayerCall( :lblLayer 24 )
    Jump( : )
    Runway( N66:21:49.7326 E014:18:05.5511
            Altitude    69.8
            Heading     320.0
            Length      2857
            Width       98
            ID          32
            Surface     -1
            Markers     0
            Threshold   0
            Lights      6
            ThrLightsN  1
            VasiSlopeN  4.5
            VasiSideN   98
            VasiDistN   608
            VasiSpaceN  0
            VasiBarsN   A
            ThrLightsF  1
            StrobesF    5
            ThrOffF     49
            AprLF       3
            VasiSlopeF  3.0
            VasiSideF   98
            VasiDistF   559
            VasiSpaceF  0
            VasiBarsF   A
Looks fine. In this case I've disabled the approaching light as I would add the type SALS. Referring to the SCASM manual (http://www.scasm.de/doc/sca_fs9ext2.htm#aprlig) I would put this code in order to have sals:
ApproachLights(1 SALS 0)

Compiling the code, SCASM throw an error and it says that "1" is not recognized as valid parameter. I tryed all combinations but without success. Any hints?

dont know if it will help you - but it might help someone. There needs to be a proper header command for SCASM compiler to compile the BGL with FS9 properties.

Header( 0x201 )
Add this to first line, should compile. But you need to make whole code as for FS9, not just one segment. I have not had luck with FS9 style lights over FS8 grundpoly. Maybe they are like AF(CAD) lights.
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