FSX Apron illumination problems

Hello :)

I want to illuminate some areas of the apron with a effect. I already built a small invisible object and attached my effect at the center of the object. After placing it in FSX it looks very nice but unfortuneately in some angles the light (effect) disappears. For example when I move the view in a virtuell cockpit a little bit to the left the effect disappears

Does anybody know a way to awoid this?

Thanks in advance,
May be it is Virtual Cockpit bug. Try without it.. Switch to 2D panel (F10), then disable 2D window for better view and then try to move from side to side.. If it is ok, then see Aircraft developer.
Thank you!

Virtual Cockpit was just an example. I have it in all kind of views. It is my first try to do a apron light in that way, probably I did something wrong here? I just created a small circle, made it invisible and attached the effect.
Make two 'light emitting' circles and place them perpendicular to each other. Then, as you turn, the surfaces will remain active and not have an 'off' position. Just a thought from days gone bye.