Are you actually playing FS?

I do both although I think I spend more time designing.
Since I have a great collection of Airliners and I have downloaded some good quality of airports, now I'm dedicated to improve the ones I can't get free on the internet.
It's the same with me. I mostly use FS for development and testing. The worst thing is that I can't fly the aircraft I worked on myself. Everything I do, I find something that I'd like to improve. Ruins everything :D

For "just playing", I usually play EVE Online (Elite-like MMORPG), Rise of Nations and GTR2
I do spend time flying, but not as much as testing aircraft. I do enjoy VFR flight so much better than, let's say IFR route flying (set the autopilot and go to sleep...boring!) So I prefer flying small planes or flying fighters and military cargo's on mock missions, air refueling (simulated) etc... :cool: I really stick close to the military's (having been a KC-135 crewchief) and small planes (I have a pilot's license), as these are both areas that I actually had experience with.

As for "playing" I'd say I do a lot of Battlefield 2 and 2142 now. That's some fun "playing"

FS to me is more learning and instructional and a testbed for my designing.
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