FS2004 ASM tweaking into library objects?

I learnt to model very nice apron and runway markings with loft method and CAT tweaking in .asm, and that's OK.
But still I need a long time to position them precisely, because I first need to find the right place for a single marking, as a reference point, and then draw and position in Gmax all the rest by trial and error.

Is there a method to include a compiled tweaked .asm into a library object, and place it via Instant Scenery in a painless way, as it is possible for 3d non-tweaked mdl's?
Thanks for suggestions



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Hi Stefano,

No, tweaked ground polygons can not be put in library BGL files. They use different code that only works when put directly in BGL files.

If you have a well calibrated background image in GMax when you are drawing the runway, taxiways, etc, getting it at the right location should not be too much trial and error though.