Australian Elevation Information System

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to the terrain side of developing and am attempting to download DEM in the form of a GeoTIFF and convert it to a Terrain mesh BGL. I wouldn't be surprised if its an error on my end but regardless of what data I download from this site (, I always get the following resample compile error:
"Not a TIFF file, bad version number 43 (0x2b)."

Before I try and contact them about the error, is there anything I may be doing wrong?

I've successfully compiled the example elevation data and the data downloaded opened in the ArcGIS viewer with no issues.


dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
That will only work if the tiff file is in WGS84 projection and uncompressed.
In most cases it needs to be reprojected which can be done using GDAL
Thanks for the ideas.

The site gave the option for a few formats including WGS84 so that part should be fine, I think you might be on the right track with compression as the demo ones all show thumbnails whereas the download ones don't.

I'll try and report back :)