Autogen supress !

Hi Don :)
I thought ,I never had to bother you with this problem again. I have not added any GP lines after GP.97 but I had to add a few "Holdings" on the taxi path and there we go again. Our old friend the Autogen Supresser is back again. I do send you two pictures and the ADE.3 so you can investigate the cause . Your help is very appreciated.

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Chico, that doesn't look like usual autogen suppression, which typically has straight edges and nothing in the suppressed area. I'm not saying ADE_GP isn't at least partly at fault, but there's something else at play here.

Bottom line, there's nothing more I can do to alleviate autogen suppression. ADE_GP already incorporates all the available "knowledge" about autogen suppression by ground polys. If you have compiled in small groups, then I'm afraid this is as good as its going to get. If you haven't compiled in small groups, try doing so.

Sorry I can't be more helpful, but please remember were using FS8 technology in a more modern product over which we have very little control.

Hi Don :eek:

I am sure that you have done your best , and I can tell you that I refuse to finish my scenery without the ground poly lines made possible by you. Thank's!

I will continue to search for my mistakes. Please keep on giving as tools so we can make some eye candy scenery.

Best regards.