Bandit WIP

Hi everyone,

Here are some teasers of the EMB-110 Bandeirante I'm currently working on, now that I exported it for the first time to FSX. Still working on some minor bugs, which I don't know to solve.
Note: Ignore the rudder problem, the animation was tagged but I had my joystick uncalibrated lol

fsx 2018-08-29 21-34-05-214.jpg

fsx 2018-08-29 21-34-20-572.jpg

fsx 2018-08-29 21-34-53-792.jpg

fsx 2018-08-29 21-38-32-407.jpg

Everything works, except the running prop blades coz they're black although I correctly configured the material in order for the transparency to work.
Next step, start painting it and start with flight dynamics before proceeding with VC and instruments.

I'll be testing it on FSX first before testing on P3Dv4.

Thank you :)