Beta Aircraft for Aerofly

A bunch of Aerofly planes, all works in progress still, have been released for user consideration and beta testing on github. Keep in mind, many of the planes are incomplete or will have errors which the developers hope users will report:

By the way, many of these planes will be in folders with the suffix -Master. Remove that suffix, or the plane will not appear in the available aircraft list within the sim


Lately I sorted out my projects and connected running versions of models to the GitHub platform. This allows me to share developed staff with others for testing. Most of models are still in the private domain as they are still in the early stage of development, but some of them are available in the public domain. You can find it here:

You can look at my repositories and see what is currently in the public domain, but also you can download models and test it! (use Clone or download green button). From time to time I will add new models there. If you create GitHub account, you can also cooperate with me to submit comments and issues, or develop these models yourself.

One note: it is the platform for developers, so the models included there are infinite, they can have numerous errors that cause problems. I am dedicating this possibility to those who can deal with installing and testing models at their own risk (that's why I do not give instructions on how to use it

Enjoy it
Pictures of some of the planes:

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Keep in mind these planes are being updated on the fly! The plane you uploaded yesterday, or even an hour ago, may already have corrections, so check the dates!!
So amazing how the AF2 sim has such a realistic sunshine appearance and even the planes look more real in the sim then in the others.

That Wilga is a beauty. Same for the antique Cessna. All of them are really nice.
Yet another aircraft released by Krzysztof Kaniewski

The SZD-9 Bocian (Polish: "Stork") is a multi-purpose two-seat sailplane that was designed and built in Poland at Szybowcowy Zakład Doświadczalny (Glider Experimental Works) in Bielsko-Biała, beginning in 1952.

It was designed to be capable of fulfilling the needs of every area from training to competition flying. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

This is free add-on for AeroflyFS developed by Krzysztof Kaniewski, 2015 ver. 1.0 then for Aerofly FS2, February 2019 3D model by AJ MacLeod. Thanks to him (Read notes below).

Some features may not work as intended and this aircraft could crash your aerofly FS2. Use it at your own risk!

The ASK 13 is a two-seater glider that was built by Alexander Schleicher. It was and still is widely used for ab-initio training of glider pilots. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

ASK13 by Simon Morley (Good ol' Simon from my Outerra days)

This is free add-on for Aerofly FS, 2016 then for Aerofly FS2, 2019 developed by Krzysztof Kaniewski, Original 3D model (for FlightGear) by Patrice Poly. Thanks to him.
Some features may not work as intended and this aircraft could crash your Aerofly FS2. Use it at your own risk!

  1. Unzip file and move the folder "ask13" to C:\Users~\Documents\Aerofly FS2\aircraft.

The DG-100 of 1974 is the first sailplane manufactured by Glaser-Dirks, developed from the Akaflieg Darmstadt D-38, the Standard class sailplane was designed by Wilhelm Dirks. Some DG-101 sailplanes were constructed by ELAN in Slovenia and are designed with a "G" suffix.

Plane: Piper PA-11 Cub Special Float

The Piper PA-11 Cub Special is a later production, two-place variant of the Piper J-3 Cub light propeller-driven aircraft, manufactured by Piper Aircraft.

Original 3D design and original sound files: Adrian Fernandez Gomez (please visit

Original Aerofly FS 1 aircraft and Aerofly FS 2 adaptation: Krzysztof Kaniewski krzysk (at)

Aerofly FS 2 optimizations, flight physics, performance: Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik (IPACS)

Tip: To start the engine grab the propeller blade and rotate the propeller. When using a mouse drag down instead of around the spinner for the best result.


Ercoupe 415-Caddy

The ERCO Ercoupe is a low-wing monoplane aircraft that was designed and built in the United States. It was first manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) shortly before World War II;
Aerofly FS 2 aircraft made by Krzysztof Kaniewski. Flight Model, systems and animations by Arno54, 3D model by Khamsin (
Some features may not work as intended and this aircraft could crash your Aerofly FS2. Use it at your own risk!
  1. Unzip file and move the folder "e415" to C:\Users~\Documents\Aerofly FS2\aircraft.
Note: there are no pedals = rudder is connected with ailerons

This is a Sherwood Ranger XP kit plane. Manufactured by the The Light Aircraft Company in the UK. A very cool project that lets students experience building a plane. The XP (CAT A(UK)) is a clipped wing version of the ST. Engine: D-motor LF2600 2690cc, liquid cooled, four cylinder, four stroke, 91.8hp, fuel injected, flathead Folding Wings for storage Level flight: approximately 70mph.

The prime difference between the Sherwood Ranger ST (Microlight) and the Sherwood Ranger XP (Cat A) is one of wing span and wing loading. The ST has a wing span of 7.92 m and the XP 7 m, they both have the same MTOW the XP therefore has increased wing loading and a higher stall speed.

Model for Aerofly FS2 made by Krzysztof Kaniewski. 3D Design by Jared Watson.