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BGL access libraries


I'm wondering if there are any libraries (I searched for them but didn't found anything) that will allow me to access BGL file content? I have small project on top of my head and I'd rather don't repeat the work (and errors) that many people already did. I'm interested in both free (of course this is preferred option) but as well payware solutions if in reasonable price.

What kind of information do you want to read from the bgl files?
What kind of information do you want to read from the bgl files?

As of now I'm interested in:
- airport info (runways with its parameters if possible, frequencies, maybe taxiways, latlon info)
- navaids informations
- general scenery information (type of layer and its geographical range)

I don't have libraries for that, my libraries (that I use in my tools) are more focused on the 3D models and their placement information. Maybe @scruffyduck has something, since what you want overlaps with the functionality of ADE. But I don't know if his libraries are available or not.
They are part of my tools and I have allowed other developers to use them (mainly the preview rendering bit).
What do you want to achieve? Then I can tell you if it's possible and how to do it. Also I would like to know what kind of application you are making with them.
for now i didn't start any app but i'm learning C# and i get a great progress and i worked with the simconnect

i'm thinking of programe that have same window in 3D like MCX ( i don't want to make a programme like mcx because it's already the greatest for sceneries )
i want to load an object and see the tagged animation ( and be able to control each animation separatelly )
and i need a programme that control a tagged animation in the sim ( by frames example : play from 0 to 20 only or from 50 to 70 )

why do i need that ? : because i want to equipe my sceneries with a small ground crew that do somethings when the Sode jetway is connected

hope my reply wasn't long , thnx for everything