Hi everyone,
Im in trouble again with BGL lights.. Followed all tutorials for Gmax (Gamepack FS9 and FS8) and Airport for Windows program.
I just wonder why I cannot get any ASM file generated by GMAX as per this tutorial (How to Create a PAPI-4 Approach Lighting System) ?

Another tutorial that looks very good to me - no joy (Light over Ground Poly)(SOLVED)

Could anyone help me with this ? May be some video tutorial so I can see where I have mistaken I really need to get out of this trouble. Here is a thread to "Project Recruiting" too.. Im so dissapointed with this, that I'm ready to pay.

Thanks in advance.
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Should be a simple matter of adding "Keep=1" under [Options] in your makemdl.cfg. That would be in the gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\plugins folder if you're exporting with the FS9 gamepack. I reckon you tried this? I have a working FS9 gamepack installation and I know mine will save the .asm because I did it just a few days ago, I can export a .mdl from your gmax file and send you the .asms if all else fails.

At this time Im on testing mode of lights and cannot provide any model to make asm from.. You know just simple boxes like here. I reckon better is to try your FS9 gamepack if you could share it over DropBox or in PM ? If still doesnt work then Ill post the stuff I want to be done here in the thread. I had a look in MKMDL.cfg and this is what i found
:D So nothing like "Options" there..
Ok, Got it ! ASM generated. I added your "Keep=1" under [Options]. will see how it goes now.
Thanks Jim :teacher::laughing:
Yes I have got them.. Big thanks Jim. I nearly lost any hope to get the stuff running... So I will try to get any light to show first and then calculations. :wizard: