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Blender Blender 2.9 UV texture question

I used Blender 2.79 for a ton of work I did recently. I'm now evolving to 2.9 and wondered if the below is possible?

In 2.79, I always used the <filename.dds> as the texture, and the <filename.psd> or <filename.tga> as the UV map image. Even though the .dds files are always upside down that did not affect what I was able to see in my editor window since I was using a file that was right side up in the UV window.

However, in Blender 2.9, (I assume) the UV editor window uses the .dds file as the texture, (even though I selected an upright file in the UV window), and everything is upside down in the EDIT window. I would like to be able to set the .dds file as the texture and use a .psd or other file (that is upright) in the UV editor window as I did in 2.79. Is there something I need to enable or disable for this to happen?


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If you have the textures already in dds format, why would you need to UV unwrap or edit it?
I have to assign surfaces to the texture. (Am I missing something?) I always selected the texture (dds) for the entire model and a similar (psd) file for the UV window. I really don't know how to explain it, but that's what all of the videos I watched did! (well, something similar to that).



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The dds format would be the last step of the completed.texrures. The steps prior to that would be:

Creating the UV Layout by uv unwrapping the polygons or faces. At this time you are only creating what the textures will look like or the layout of. Creating the materials slots. Naming of the texture or layout should be with png or tga (or similar), but not dds.

Next would be taking that layout and either placing the textures in their designated locations or painting through either blender or a graphics editor (photoshop or GIMP). OR using Armour Paint or Substance Painter.

After the above compiling the textures.

At this point you should have dds files to place into their designated slots within the toolset within blender. Compile through the toolset to create the model and or bgl scenery file.

Hopefully, I haven't missed a step.
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Thanks Doug, that was as clear as mud LOL! But through my stubbornness and tenacity, I finally figured out what to do and successfully exported a model with textures. I was having great difficulty in using alpha channels, (seeing them properly in Blender) but I figured that out. I probably did it “wrong” or took a long approach, but it works.

I’m going to search, but is there a video or tutorial on how to use the “new“ exporting methods for Blender 2.9?

Thanks again for all ”you” do!