FSX Blurry texture and "hick ups"

Hi, i got a problem...when i take off from an airport and look around i got stuttering and "hick ups" for about 1-2sec every 1min or so. I've figured out that is the loading of ground texture that causing it. If i looking to the ground its ok, but when i go a bit further its getting blurry and i get the "hick ups", wait for about 5-10 sec...then its all good again.
I've been tweaking CFG filer from Ventubo, and did NickN's tweaking in NVInspector...and its all the same.
Maybe its something combined with scenery priority....

Things i added to CFG:

PoolSize=200000000 (for testing)



Computer spec:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3.0GHz
Mem: 8.00GB
OS: Win7 64bit Sp1
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750


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With Cessna it works better....but i going to try B-737 after dinner....its boring to fly Cessna from Sweden to France :p

Edit: B737 at 250 KIAS= same as Hornet but not so often.
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And why does it blur? Could it be that you are asking your 4.5 year old system to do more than it's capable of doing? Not only is the system older, it's got an AMD processor, which does not do as well as Intel.

If you want to bat around at 500 knots, go ahead. But with the autogen turned way up (gosh so many trees in the pics!) and flying at fast speeds it's no wonder your system can't keep up.

It's not rocket science here. Ask the system to perform at it's abilities and the blurries will diminish. There is no magic tweak or pixie dust that can rescue you from yourself.

And please take these general self-induced FSX problems far away from a developers forum. Avsim or Flightsim or Flight1's forums can better suit you and not waste FS Developer's bandwidth.

Lefteris Kalamaras

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are you an admin in this forum? If yes, please let me know who, because I don't know you. If not, please don't assume to know what's best for our bandwidth (yes, I am an admin here).

Hiding behind a screen and a keyboard sometimes causes us to be very impolite - downright rude, if I might say so. Please don't be, even if you think the question asked was not to your high standards.
NoNewMessage...calm down a bit...it was a simple question, i sort it out and its not because of my 4-5 year old system as you called it, i got no more blur ...i'm out of this forum....i don wanna be met like this.
Don't use any fsx.cfg tweaks, it's often what leads to stuff like this.

Your AMD should be able to handle it on lowish settings, but if you can afford, i5/i7 are what you need. or perhaps look into overclocking if you're confident.
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