FSXA BN-2Islander damage mod - Beta released

Thanks Heretic, I was inspired by the best for the icons (MIT, what else?). :laughing:

mgr, you definitively have a point here. I have changed the switch location, and bumped one again in the "invisible switch lever", even though the material settings are unaltered. I'll double-check that.

One last minute addendum is a disbalance in the wear factors of L/R systems, so that both systems do not wear at the rate, hence fail at the same time. This disbalance changes every time the system is repaired.

Thank you all for your kind support and enduring patience.


Resource contributor
Heh, little do you know that the icons were a ten minute job in GIMP.

If you check MITool's main gauge, you'll find a random number generator (also available in the Wiki) and associated ways to implement it. That should offer a few new possbilities for keeping things dynamic.