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FSXA BN2A MKIII Trislander


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Hi guys,

Just a heads up on a new development of the Trislander for FSX and P3D. This is a purchased mesh with all permissions obtained to release it for FSX. At this point, the majority of the exterior is fully mapped with AO baked in, but that will change as I had to remap the nacelle numerous times. A VC is planned, but I need diagrams of the panel, overhead panel, etc. I have a contact that sent photos of active aircraft, but the more the merrier. Any assistance to this project will be greatly appreciated.
FB_IMG_1472626066974.jpg FB_IMG_1472626070433.jpg FB_IMG_1472626073362.jpg FB_IMG_1472626077070.jpg FB_IMG_1472626081418.jpg FB_IMG_1472626084764.jpg FB_IMG_1472626087975.jpg
There are a fair few videos on yt that show Aurigny's trislanders, which have been retrofitted with GTN750s, as well as (as far as I can tell) Aspen EFD1000s, here are a few:


The last one especially has some good close up views of all the instruments.

I'd love to be able to help with this in a way more than this, but as I've never done anything to do with aircraft modelling I fear my input would be more of a pain than it would be a help, but looking forward to it massively anyway.



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There is a good EFD1000 on avsim that I may be able to use in this project. I have some contacts from "Joey the Trislander" that have sent some material and David Rosario @pinkjr sent some really good photos of aircraft in service in Puerto Rico. I am looking for manuals, those will help the project tremendously.


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Some new shots. The model is currently in the paintshop getting the bump maps and exterior paintkit done, interior work should start soon. I have additional contacts sending reference material that will aid in the development of the VC, so I'll start that area once I get the interior mapped. The first livery to be painted will be G-JOEY as that aircraft was retired from scheduled service last year. I am also looking at adding a custom sound system with sound cones for an immersive sound experience (no pun intended) :p, the Real Engine module which will add to the challenge of flying this unique aircraft. More to follow....