P3D v4 Bugatti 100P

Besides my Soloy project for P3DV5 I'm also working on the ancient Bill Ortis project from FS2004 times for V4.5 and V5 that I present here. The exterior model is only slightly modified so far, the focus is currently on the cockpit and its operation.

Since the real development is now 82 years ago and the original Bugatti never flew - information about the original cockpit is unfortunately quite rare - I decided first create the cockpit of the replica (N110PX), which flew successfully for the first time in 2016. There is a lot of information about this.

But I want to stick to the original engine with the 2 × Bugatti Type 50P Straight 8 4.9L, 340 kW (450 hp) each.

Many thanks to Bill, who gave me his permission to update and later to publish this fascinating aircraft with PBR etc.

That's a wild looking aircraft! I'm sure it'll be amazing. I have your Soloy T206H Mark II. I had the U206G Mark I, but someone said that was the older version. Either way I was impressed with the graphics.

So this plane, it was a real concept or idea from 82 years ago? Who thinks that far ahead? Look at it! It looks futuristic even for today's standards.



Resource contributor
Since days I did a closer look on the 100p. And day for day I am getting a much more respect of the engineers, who are involved in development of this artwork more than 80 years ago.

Anyway, it is really difficult to get special informations about flight characteristics, engines behavior and the controls I am looking for. But: the worldwide Bugatti Association is very helpful with these kind of informations I need.

That's why I am currently very confident that we will get a relatively good implementation. And Bill Ortis and team did a really good job with the FDE back then - I can confirm that today.

In P3DV5, it is native:

Today I show new screenshots once from the interior model and the exterior model. PBR effects are not shown here, but are included. They show well the state of development, but they only show the model. Animations of switches, control levers etc. still have to be made. Only three materials are displayed.

You see here actually a hybrid of the original and with the replica by Scotty Wilson. I will actually release both versions, although they are very different in operation. Whether I will simulate the performance of the two Suzuki racing engines of replica remains open. Maybe all this is a bit too much, but I'm tempted by it, because nobody has ever done something like this for flight simulators. And it is aviation history that I am getting more and more excited about.

I have collected a lot of new information, especially concerning the handling of the Bugatti 100P. A great help was the book The Bugatti 100P record plane by Dutchman Jaap Horst, which arrived last week. Unfortunately it is completely out of print in bookstores. Jaap is a Bugatti connoisseur and has been a great help to get special information. Meanwhile I have contacts in France and USA.
Now I am completely immersed in a new but fascinating world. Maybe I will be able to create something really extraordinary here.

First two VC shots of the orignal status 1939 and at least Scotty Wilsons flying 1:1 replica of 2015. I will create two totally different airplanes.

There is a nice article about Bugatti 100Ps history and Wilson Project out: Author Preston Lerner, published in Air & Space Magazine of September 2014.