FSX:SE Camera cycling behavior


I have a few cameras defined in aircraft.cfg, and one of them refuses to show up during "S" camera cycle command (I have to "kick start" it through "Outside view" menu option, and then it gets included in the "S" cycle). Important to note: I have disabled (using CycleHidden = Yes) all the default cameras except the

Title = Cockpit

in the Cameras.CFG file, plus, I added an extra custom camera in Cameras.CFG file, of type "Outside".

the camera that refuses to show up in "S" cycle is also of "Outside" type. Both "Outside" cameras refuse to show up in "S" cycle, until I invoke them through the view menu. Also, just to be sure, I did add "CycleHidden = No" but it it didn't help.

So, What's the trick to this? how do I make sure my cameras are included in the "S" camera cycle?
Ok - so I investigated this further. For the "Spot" type (category "Outside"), if it is omitted in the Cameras.CFG file at the position 003 ([CameraDefinition.003]), it will not be included in the rotation until it is explicitly selected from the view menu. Why there is such a behaviour, I have no idea :confused:... This is a different behaviour than for the "Aircraft" category... perhaps because "Aircraft" category is specific to an aircraft and therefore not found in the global Camera.CFG file.