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P3D v5 Can scenProc create holes in polygons?

Currently, scenProc has the feature DONTPROCESSHOLES in Raster detection. I would like some similar but as PROCESSHOLES and use this in polygons. Here is what I mean.

Below is a screenie of a veg polygon(s). If you look at the large poly at the bottom you can see little polys on top. I would like scenProc to use those little polys to cut thru the large poly to create holes in the large poly.

Polygon with polys on top of it.jpg

Currently, here is the results when I run scenProc. What remains are the little polys, not the big poly. I would like the opposite. Not sure how scenProc decides?

Polygon with polys on top of it normal results.jpg

Anyway scenProc can perform this or add a step to do this? I might have asked this way in the past but wanted to check again.


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You could subtract polygons from each other with the BooleanFeatures step. That would imply they have different attributes so that you can select them separately.