FSXA Cannot get FSDS 3.51 to work on my system - Is Abacus defunct?

I have been fighting with FSDS 3.51 for some time. I have installed it on Win7 64 bit with a 2 TB drive. It starts and I can set the paths to the compilers (XToMDL, or MakeMDL and BGLComp) but I get this error. I tried the help file and discovered the link to Abacus is broken. Is Abacus defunct? When I first tried to do the test compile recommended in the product sthe error was "cannot find the path to the Projects folder" - but the path displayed in the error message was correct. I fixed that by establishing a new subdir in my C: drive C:\FSDS_Proj and pointed the app to it. Now I get this message. I'm no PC novice but this confounds me. I saw the thread at http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums that proposed changing Win7 registry entries but it also said that was not needed for v 3.51. Does anyone have any insights about this --- or a link to Abacus?
For me, that looks more like a read/write restriction by the System! You might need to check the user permission you have!
Have you installed it below the Windows default "%Program Files%"? If so, reinstall it outside that structure.
Conrad you had it right. I thought I was running with Administrator rights but discovered it was not set. I changed it and now it compiles. Thanks
Alan- also keep in mind NOT to install in program files x86. Install outside that and in its own folder, just program files is ok or elsewhere. I just made a folder called Abacus and installed it there.


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To answer your question about ABACUS, I only know that Arnie Lee sold the company about six years ago. Whether the new owner is still is business is an open question.

However, FSDS is no longer in development or support, as the author (Louis Sinclair) has completely retired from simulator development.
Install to a folder you make. DO NOT INSTALL TO PROGRAM FILES (X86). If that helps- wonderful. If not, do that anyway then we will go from there.