P3D v2 Cannot see my library object.... ideas?

Having a heck of a time creating my first library object to appear so I thought I would ask some questions:

1. If I save .mdl using MCX as a .bgl that has no lat/lon is that considered a library object?

2. Is using MCX to create a .bgl and using Library Creator XML to create a.bgl – are those different types of bgls?

3. In Library Creator the user doc says there are two type of GUID;s

FS2004 - 3AFA59125E39441ABD8A040F354B62B6

FSX - {62c07657-984c-46d6-af52-097061684c05}

So whenever I create a new P3D/FSX GUID is does not end up having the “braces” but in your example in the documentation the expanded tree shows:

GUID: {62c07657-984c-46d6-af52-097061684c05}

But mine never show braces. Could this be an issue? I am creating the object for P3Dv2.2 Same question for scenPROC - do I need to have braces around the GUID?

4. After rendering an object.bgl I am placing it in several locations at one time in P3D hoping to “catch” it correctly somewhere. Like I have placed a copy in the World/scenery folder, Global folder, and created my own addon/scenery folder and activated it. Do having all these locations just end up canceling out the object from view?
5. Can one create a single mdl and save that as an “object Library” or must if have multiple .mdls to work?

As you can see I am throwing out a lot of question to hopefully lead me as to why my object will not appear. In the end I am using scenProc to try and create an agn. out of the object.

Any feedback would be most appreciated. Ok, ack to researching.


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As long as their is no placement information the bgl created would be called a library bgl. No matter if it has one or multiple objects in it. There is no difference between the output from library creator xml and modelconverterx in that point of view.

I would strongly suggest to place a library only in one folder. It's a bad idea to have them duplicated, as you never know which library FS will take in that case. Especially if you update one copy later on you might wonder why you still see the old one.

The guid is sometimes displayed with and sometimes without brackets, but as long as the dashes are there you know you have the fsx notation. Internally in the bgl the fs2004 style guid and fsx style guid are stored the same, so it's mainly a notation issue. Modelconverterx will convert to the format that is selected in the preferences.

How did you place your object? You made another bgl that calls the object?
Thx for the quick reply Arno. As for your last question, no I was not creating another .bgl to place the object. I was using scenPROC to create an .agn that would call the object. Correct method or am I missing a step?

As a little update - I tried a test with ADE. Opened an airport, added my .mdl to the library and placed it in the airport. Compiled and the airport and it showed the object correctly in P3D. So that at least tells me something is correct.

So I use the same GUID in scenPROC. With my script following examples of scenPROC, it creates 15 .agn files with no issues. Drop those into my texture folder of my scenery but they do not show.

I can only assume the .agn files cannot find the location as to where the model's .bgl file is located? That's why I was placing the .bgl in several locations hoping to find it. Even when it is in the same scenery addon scenery folder its a no show.
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Adding a model as autogen isn't as simple as just calling the GUID -- see the SDK - how to add an autogen class.
MDLs are normally combined into a Library (using Library Creator XML), and then your library objects are placed using some sort of Object Placement tool. I'm not too sure what works best with P3D, I use Whisplacer in FSX, but for airports, ADE would be a good option.

However if you just want to add your model to a limited area in your photoscenery using Scenproc, then wouldn't you use 'EXPORTBGL'? I'm not too sure about that, but it's what I understand from browsing FSD:) I think this creates a placement BGL the same as any of the OPTs.
Thx toprob,

Yea, I did read that autogen section (a few times actually, ha!). I guess I was debating with myself back and forth if I was truly creating an autogen object or a library object and lost my way. I should of thought of the end result... if it's an .agn I am creating then it must be registered I take it in the 'default.xml' file. If it's a .bgl as the final product then it's more of a library object.

I hit the autogen section again.
Just an update. Was able to get it working correctly as a .bgl object. Now just need to do the same as an .agn and see if there are any advantages one way over the other.


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For use as an autogen library object you would indeed have to add a new class to the default.xml file. Each class can call one or multiple library objects by their guid (be aware that fs2004 notation is used in the default.xml file, I think even in p3d).

In general placing them as autogen performs better, especially when you place more instances. But the visibility distance will also be less.
Ah... that will be interesting to check out. Arno, while we are on the subject can a single object be added to the autogen default.xml or does one still need to create it as a class and use two GUID's - one for the class and one for the object?


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You always need a class. So in the agn file you call the guid of the class and the class calls the guid of your object.