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Can't filter features

Hi Arno
I am using ScenProc and I have created millions of buildings and vegetation. Wonderful.
I noticed that some trees are on the roads.
I created some telephone poles on the roadside and with the "Filter Feature" trying to remove the trees that around the poles. but in vain.
I have tried for hours and hours every configuration but nothing. I don't know where to place the "Filter Feature" script. Before or after the "LineToPoint"??
Tell me what I am doing wrong


  • Wales3.txt
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With all those commented out lines, you script is a bit hard to read. Also it seems you are using polygons for your vegetation, so in that case I don't think you want to use the FilterFeatures step, as you don't want to remove the entire forest polygon. You can better use the BooleanFeatures step to cut the road out of your vegetation polygons.

So your script could be something like this (in pseudo code):

ImportOGR|load your data
LineToPoint|place poles along road
I tried it but it tells me that the type="forest" in the BooleanFeatures is not a valid.

Anyway I can live with it. I have spend weeks experimenting. I have no idea what I am doing....but I somehow I am getting results..

You wrote "Also it seems you are using polygons for your vegetation". I don't know how else I can do it....

I must be doing something different but wrong. I have tried your code examples from the manual, but I can't get them to work. NONE of them.
So what I am doing I am trying all kinds of different codes until I get results. My France, England and Wales photoscenery looks wonderful
with all kinds of buildings, vegetation and road lights.
I would like to thank you for all your hard work for the FSX bunch. In the past I have used your Model Converter where I converted hundreds of Scetchup buildings
to use in my Greek photoscenery.
Angelo Tassoglou


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Like I said the code I posted is sample code, it won't work directly in scenproc, but shows you the order of the steps.

Since the exact attributes depend on the data you use, I can't make a script for you that directly works, as I don't know which data you use.