Can't get addon scenery to work


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That is an example of LM simply renaming the FSX SDK. While it is understood to create and activate an Addon Scenery folder in v4 (I've done so, with no ill effects), the emphasis to R T F M is bowderlized by the fact that the effing manual is just not up to snuff.
I wonder why (there is no Addon Scenery folder in a newly installed P3D v4)
All this started after I downloaded some scenery and the instruction for installing are as follows (after which I 'googled' "how to install P3D scenery" and seemed to be getting nowhere fast especially after reading about manually editing cfg files which I considered a bit over the top). As mentioned above I spent over an hour trying to resolve this issue before turning to this forum - in my mind it was not a case of RTFM.

Oh here is part of the installation 'instructions' which came with the scenery I downloaded -

To Install:

There are several methods for installing the file into Prepar, I will describe one:

1. If not already done, Create an 'Addon Scenery' folder preferable outside the main Prepar root folder. <--- note the author suggests creating the folder OUTSIDE the main folder - strange.

2. Add 'scenery' and 'texture' folders to the 'Addon Scenery' folder you created. Make sure you
"Activate" this new folder in Prepar Scenery Library.

3. Take the YSSY_P3Dv4_RWC.BGL and the YSSY_P3Dv4_RWC_CVX.bgl file and place both of these files into:

Addon Scenery\scenery folder you created.

I have discovered in the past that often freeware is distributed with 'instructions' which are very lacking and would have been better done after testing the installation instructions particularly on a different PC. I guess being freeware we have to be forgiving.

As mentioned above it seems I was trying to select the 'wrong' folder (as per my image file above). All this appeared completely foreign to what is done in FSX yet P3D is supposed to be much the same.

Anyway it's all sorted out now.
Hi John,

I always put my addon airport sceneries in the Addon Scenery and have never had (yet?) any problems.
In the Addon Scenery folder I add a folder with the name I chose for my scenery and two subfolders in there (scenery and texture).
I then put all my modified (ADE, Photoreal, etc.) bgl's in that scenery subfolder and all the textures in that texture subfolder, launch P3Dv4.2. load my previous flight, then go to World\Scenery Library and add (to activate) your scenery to the scenery library.
But do check if you do not have inadvertently made an xml that points to some other folder.
I suspect that my way of doing things the FSX way is why P3Dv4 is loading so slow though each time I start up my computer after having it shut down before going to hit the sack
(I asked LM months ago why it is not possible to launch P3Dv4.2 and then go directly to the scenery Library as an option but I have not received any answer from them).
Worth a try?


Thanks Roby.

I too do the same in FSX (photoreal BGLs and individual scenery area folders containing scenery and texture subfolders into the scenery folder inside Addon Scenery folder.

I now have my addon sceneries now all working correctly EXCEPT the first addon scenery I installed which is the Kingford Smoth (YSSY) scenery which still will not work properly (some of the terminal buildings have no texture even though I copied existing texture files as per the readme).

I'm not concerned too much as the stock P3D scenery looks ok. I might import the BGL file into ADE and try to work out the names of the texture files for the areas which are a problem (I have done that before when I had to reinstall everything and found some textures were missing from my own created sceneries :eek:)

I have NOT created any XML files.