FS2004 "CAT" and "MDL tweaker" on the same MDL ?

Hi !
I've simplified my first idea so i have now only a simple question: is possibile to apply to the same MDL some animation conditions with CAT and some other conditions with MDL tweaker ? I have a truck as MDL and i need to set a NAV2 condition for let my truck to appearing/disappearing and a "beacon on/off"to start the animation of the truck (open a door).
But if i use MDL tweaker for setting the beacon condition on the MDL i don't get the asm file required from CAT for the animation condition...
Moreover i don't know wich value to assign to the variable becon (0282h) for the condition "beacon off"
Someone would have to give me some ideas on how i can solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance to those who will help me.
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I don't think this works. But if it works, it would be by using CAT first and then MDLTweaker. But I expect that you need to manually tweak your ASM files to get the combined effect you want.

About the 282 variable, it's a timer that is running from 0 to 32767 in a certain amount of time. So it doesn't have an on or off value.
Thank you Arno. I'm doing some test but untill yet without any good result. Maybe i should find another way to manage the problem... Anyway thank you for your help.