CAT has no effect

I have created a simple box, named it tick18_box and animated it, just a simple translation.
Then I have exported it keeping files and using CAT applied a condition (between) to the trigger: NAV has to be tuned to 112.00. For that I have selected NAV2 frequency, clicked on the arrow to the left, and written below 1200h in both fields from and to.
Then I have selected the box.asm file as input and processed. I get the supposedly tweaked asm files with _cat added to the filenames.
Now I have created a bgl with BGLC_9 and put this bgl in my scenery.
The box remains playing the animation continuously, as if I had not used CAT. In fact, when I open the box_cat_0_.asm I can't see any changes made to the original file.
Any suggestions?

Edit: I realized myself what I was doing wrong: I was exporting the model with FS2002 gamepack and trying to tweak it with CAT for FS2004. Stupid of me!
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