FSXA change default voice fsxme

I am using windows 7 64 bit and fsxme.
when you start the mission editor it states you can change the default voice in the control panel.
I only have microsoft anna in the list. how do I get addional voices to use
or what else do I need to change to get a male voice.

help please
I'm not familiar with the mission editor, but speaking of "default voice" I think they mean the FSX intern pilot voice?! You can choose between 9 different voice sets in the Settings menu, General tab.
That is not the one being referred to.
fsxme uses the default windows 7 voice from the windows 7
control panel to create text to speech in the editor. I only have Anna.

I use Audacity just change the pitch to -19 to 21 for different male voices or +9 to 12 for females add .03 echo and use the equalizer to make it sound just like a headset on a aircraft.
Granted there are many other effects you can add to really change the Anna voice to Darth Vader even.