Changing Parking Codes.

I am trying to change parking codes in the aircraft.bgl, with no luck. Using the AI Helicopter, in the Fort Hood \Gray AAF package, they specify a parking Code of 21N, for there Helicopters.
That seems to work ok, if I change the parking code to 22n, in Afcad and in the Aircraft.cfg folder, the choppers labeled 22n don’t go to the 22n coded spots. They go to other spots, not labeled or for other aircraft.
I have Test flight plans I use for f
Fort Campbell, using the FT Hood, AH64Ds, for aircraft, the flight plans contains 14 AH64Ds to park in the Ramp Mil Combat 21n spots, I also have 14 AH64Ds to park in the Ramp Mil Combat 22n spots. Helicopters with the parking code of 21n, park in the spot for 21n. The helicopters marked for 22n Park in spot not marked.
I guess the question is how did the makers of the Fort Hood \Gray AAF package, get their Helicopters to park in spots mark for 21n?
I was using one of the AH64Ds Choppers from the Fort Hood\Gray package. Using one AH64Ds Chopper twice, changing the parking code, from 21n to 22n on the second entry. By using two AH64Ds Chopper from the same package, changing the second choppers parking code, seems to have corrected the problem, at least I have two sets of choppers in there assigned parking spot.