Coastal cities

Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and I'm also new in terms of scenery design with FSX KML. I know that there are tutorials available for FSX KML, but I would appreciate some tips in terms of creating coastal cities, such as large coastal cities with different beaches, landclasses as well as islands, shallow water and coral reefs offshore. For example, some tips about the general methods of exclusion polygons would be appreciated. Also, when I create a polygon in Google Earth, do I put the tag in the title or description box? Also, is scenery created with FSX KML compatible with FTX Global? Any help would be appreciated.

For my Halong Bay scenery I ordered my polygons like this (in Google Earth) :
Exclude roads
"Local" landclass (cities, cropland, shrubs etc.)
"Global" landclass (exclude shorelines, forest)
Lakes (on islands)
Exclude water

The tag goes in description.

I dont well know FSX Global but I think it is compatible because it's just replacement textures.