FS2004 colinear vertices-3dsmax9

Colinear vertices are when you have 3 points on a triangle and they are in a straight line rather than a triangle.

For example: The first error shows
(-6.568467, 1.28733, -2.280767)
(-6.568461, 1.28733, -0.041085)
(-6.568461, 1.28733, -0.040065)

As the second coordinate is the same in each point this will form a straight line (ie co-linear= all in the same line) and will not be a triangle. The part causing the problem is Puente_finger_mas_largo.

The error message tells you which part has the problem and also the coordinates of each of the points in the offending triangle. Note that these coordinates are referenced from the axis of the part and not the central 0,0,0 axis.

I'm not familiar with 3dsmax9 but you will need to go through your model and delete or modify (ie move one of the points out of the straight line) these triangles.
Since there are 5 colinear vertices that are having an issue, look for 5 parts that are the same.
Another way to find these parts is export some parts until the error shows up.