Colour code of P3Dv3 effects !

Hallo effect developers :)

I am struggling with a colorcode problem in the color section of the effect files
Color Start=12, 12, 12, 255
Color End=35, 35, 35, 0

i wanna get rid of the white in the test smoke effect and i would like to change white to gray
(see picture which i took in the game P3Dv3)

Color Start=12, 12, 12, 2
Color End=35, 35, 35, 2 was a litle bit better but still not perfect

What does the fourth last number in the row changes ???

the default texture in use is the
i tried several color codes and could not find the right one
can somebody help me
see provided info

Blend Mode=2
Color Start=12, 12, 12, 255
Color End=35, 35, 35, 0
Jitter Distance=0.00
Jitter Time=0.00
uv1=0.00, 0.00
uv2=1.00, 1.00
X Scale Goal=0.00
Y Scale Goal=0.00
Z Scale Goal=0.00
Extrude Length=0.00
Extrude Pitch Max=0.00
Extrude Heading Max=0.00


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I don´t know if this can help but as I know (same in the FSX SDK) the first three numbers are RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and the four is the alpha among in this particle (texture) If you want turn the color of your effect, as I understands, from white to gray you must try this:

Color Start=255, 255, 255, 200
Color End=155, 155, 155, 200

255 is max color where 255,0,0 is pure red, 0,255,0 pure green and so

Now, I have not remember how the alpha work, I assuming that 255 is NO alpha, which means no transparency. and 0 invisible particle... you must try which combination works better for you...

Good luck.