P3D v4 Colours in AIFP


Resource contributor
On the Missing Aircraft List, you might like to consider inserting the colour text in the explanation of colours, eg. Repaints may be auto-downloaded for blue titles ....
At the risk of being facetious, if you can't see the colour and you are being given status/instructions, how does mention of the color improve things? I think the current text will become more meaningful with some practice.

I guess it is my responsibility to find suitable models.
Not necessarily. Depending on the information in the aifp.cfg file and your installed livery, AIFP will make an attempt to find suitable model(s).

Don, You, being facetious? I would have never thought that..
My suggestion was also for the colour gifted people as well, as it gives them, and the colour challenged a reference value to match against. It was not a criticism of the manual, just a suggestion.

As for model matching etc, as you say, more practice is needed.