It seems that Flightsimulator X isn't change at all. Did only the install of the RTM SDK's and so on till the end... GMAX seems to work (I hope).
So I should uninstall FSX and do a fresh start anyway ? Or ?
Is there a possibility to see if FSX has the right version: FSX SP2 ?
In Control Panel every update is present for the SP1, SP1a and SP2.

Greetz. José.

Arno installed a specific file (with Whisplacer trees) and saw them without a problem. Had to say that I thought that Whisplacer trees are not compatible with FSX SP2 (due to a remark of a tester, but I think he didn't instaal this file in a correct way).
By this I am surely in FSX SP2.
Rest to do the texturing with GMAX also in a correct way in order to be sure that GMAX do it's job also fine.

Greetz. José.

I made some time ago a good working file with GMAX for FSX SP2... but now I don't remember how I did it (after too much experimenting with .dds files). :eek:
Is there any hope I can find something (maybe somewhere a backup ?). I fear that I can't do anything with only a bgl and a texture file. :(

Greetz. José.