Does anyone know if there's an easy way to get nice white concrete textures like this in P3Dv4.3? I've tried assigning the obvious options in ADE, but they're all very dark...

Here's google earth which is what I'm shooting for:

Here's what "concrete" (top right apron and taxiways) and "cement" (runway and main aprons) look like in my sim (full orbx):
Hi Scott:

IMHO, a quick way to achieve your goal, is to 'cover up' default and/or OrbX FTX Airport Background Polygons, Aprons, RWYs etc. with custom photo-real aerial / satellite imagery land class made with downloaded tiles in SBuilderX version 3.15 (64-Bit), or directly with manually acquired source files ...via either FSX or P3Dv4 SDK Resample.

The airport will continue to function normally from underneath the custom photo-real aerial / satellite imagery land class layer, although in some cases, Blend Mask transparency may be required to open 'holes' in that top surface image for certain airport objects to show through within the airport area.

The Blend Mask can also be used to 'blend' custom photo-real aerial / satellite imagery land class into the surrounding default and OrbX FTX land class ground textures.

A Land-Water Mask can be used to allow the photo-real aerial / satellite imagery water texture to be displayed instead of the locally-assigned default and/or OrbX FTX water class color.

All this could eliminate the complexity of creating a custom CVX vector object type in Terrain.Cfg so that it may be used in FS.

If a ultra-high resolution concrete texture Material is desired for visibility at- or near- ground level, a custom MDL-based Ground Polygon can be made using a flat 3D surface model of the concrete polygon areas with a P3Dv4 SDK-compliant "Z-Bias" Material Property assigned to the concrete texture, then the relative vertical layer positioning and Geographic object placement configured using Arno's G-Poly Wizard in ModelConverterX.

Alternatively, Don Grovestine's G-Poly tool (aka "ADE-GP") in ADE can be used to make G-Polys as well.

Note that the above MDL-based G-Polys with a "Z-Bias" Material Property assigned to the concrete texture can also have a number of other additional Material Properties assigned (...unlike the more feature-limited legacy format SCASM / ASM G-Polys, which may also possible no longer be supported by P3D at a later date).

The above described G-Poly can be used in addition to (on top of) custom local photo-real aerial / satellite imagery land class.

Hope these ideas might prove helpful. :)

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Thanks for the reply, GaryGB. There is no "stock" airport in this case. It's a new airport built in 2014, so does not exist in P3D yet. Also, since it's new, there really isn't any great imagery that I've found where it's complete. The only sources are pretty low-res (as in the google earth image above). So I was hoping to use standard terrain features to get "as close as possible"...
Hi Scott:

IIUC, "standard terrain features" means you had hoped to use default land class textures for CVX vector terrain polygons ? :scratchch

That location certainly has good imagery available via the Google Maps / Google Earth tileservers (for one's 'personal' use).

Custom photo-real aerial / satellite imagery land class made with downloaded tiles in SBuilderX version 3.15 (64-Bit) using the Google_api_Satellite tileserver would allow rendering of minimum Zoom level 18 (~LOD-18 @ 15cm / pixel) terrain textures.

AFAIK, that would be 8x more detailed than default FSX / P3D land class textures (only ~LOD-15 @ ~1.2 Meters / pixel). :idea:

If one were inclined to build this new airport "as close as possible" to the real world airport, one could even utilize existing Google imagery as a background guide to make custom higher resolution imagery in a graphics application for use with G-Polys. ;)

This should be an interesting project for you. :)

PS: Will you also include a 3D model of nearby Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam (and other renowned local landmarks) ? :duck:

Toad Suck Ferry Lock and Dam,_Arkansas

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