Confused myself...

So... I have managed to lose brain cells apparently..

I have an aircraft that has poor elevator authority. I don't want to use scalars... so, someone remind me what items can affect elevator authority. I am thinking this is a CG and/or CL issue, but am not 100% certain.
CG, yes.

Elevator arm (distance from CG to elevator)
Wing Center of Lift (If wing has more torque than it should, elevator will be diminished)
Elevator area

Aero Coefficient:
Elevator lift CL_de
Elevator moment
Pitch Moment CMo (if the problem is within a particular range)
Pitch damping (slows or accelerates the elevator response)

Pitch moment of inertia

and don't forget the control response mappings where you can adjust the response curve per angle of deflection!

Elevator trim should also be looked at (same as above but _dt instead of _de)