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Confused - new user

This is a first for me, I figured after getting the hang of ADE and creating my first airport I would like to add some static aircraft - not so easy, for me.

OK here is whaat I am using and doing:
- P3D v4.2 sim airplane for my choice - it is the Carenado C208B Grand Caravan (used also in FSX)
- Did not make any special poses (left default)
- Clicked Viewer On - model shows up perfectly
- Click Save .mdl File - only one error - $PANEL_CARAV_4 - clicked OK - message indicates Static model texture folder and XML placement file saved
- Click Make Library - type in an Object Library Name - click FSX Radio Button - model appears in dialogue box, highlight model, choose Default Library Location - C:\SAMM\Libraries
- Click Save Library - choose BglComp.exe location (this is an FSX BglComp file) - results shows success message

- Add this model to my ADE Library
- Add model from ADE Library to my airport
- Save and compile airport.

When I go to the airport the static model does not appeaar - I have now done this three times and believe me I read the manual twice
Not sure what I missed or am doing wrong - would love some help.

By the way I am using SAMM2.
Also The static aircraft from the ADE Library loads and displays OK

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Dane, I responded to your query in the ADE forum, Without watching you press the keys, I can't even hazard a guess as to what is the problem. But, as I said in the ADE response, SAMM static aircraft are scenery objects and are handled like any other scenery object. Either the SAMM library is not being successfully created or you are not properly importing it into ADE. The version of SAMM you are using has been in use for many months and no one else is reporting such difficulty.

That being said, you mentioned above you are using Carendo PV4 model. As noted in the user manual, I can't guarantee that SAMM will convert every aircraft - but usually what happens if SAMMI is not successful is that the aircraft shows up without wheels, or the flaps are wrong, etc. I don't recall anyone reporting the aircraft not showing up at all. But, just in case, I suggest you try a stock PV4 aircraft, all of which are compiled fir FSX.

Thanks Don, I also saw your reply on ADE. I know it is not a problem with SAMM (or ADE) - it is simply me, I need to give it another go.
Don, in ref to your comment above "but usually what happens if SAMMI is not successful is that the aircraft shows up without wheels", is there any sort of log file that SAMM2 creates to indicate why it was not successful? I have tried making a static aircraft from a TDS 787 (with ground support vehicles). All looks good except the aircraft has no landing gear... Anyplace I can look for insight...or maybe its just the complexity of the object I am starting with (yes, other aircrafts have been successful with SAMM2...as long as we stick with P3Dv3...converting to v4, the object makes, but the wheels are below ground and typically the rear wheels on say a 737 are in the "landing position" (aka: tilted at the angle that is normal prior to touchdown).
Any tips or insights are really appreciated.


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As noted in the user manual and previously in this forum (I'm not scolding you), SAMM assumes standard animation techniques. Developers are free to use non-standard methods (which may make a great deal of sense in their specific circumstances). Unfortunately, there is no way (I know of) to be able to detect or interpret such non-standard techniques. Consequently, with an aircraft that uses non-standard techniques, the results are not predictable and, hence, some animated parts may be missing or misplaced.

SAMM includes a model editor that creates a listing of the converted model and permits you to make adjustment to the resulting model. But, its use assumes a good deal of knowledge of aircraft modelling. You're best bet is to find an alternate aircraft that converts properly. Otherwise, all I can suggest - if you are restricted to a non-standard model - is you attempt to correct any issues with the editor.