Contrails, vapour trails

Hi, All

I would like to know where the contrails and wingtip vapour trails are hiding. I don't need a recipe on how to do it, as I probably won't bother, but I can't find where they are and how the wingtip vapour trails are located.

I am guessing that the jet engines will produce a contrail above 30,000' automatically. Is that correct?

And I'd like to know where the "locatio" of the wingtip vapour trails is (off to the right and left, behind/ahead of datum, up and dow offset, that kind of thing. Is it in the mdl?



Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
Contrail height is an entry in the aircraft.cfg file. It only applies to jets for some reason, but is generic.
Wingtip vortex is usually a smoke effect or other effect added as an attachpoint and is specific to a particular model.