Converting FSX scenery to X-plane


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The existing tool that converts FSX to X-Plane does indeed do that. It makes multiple models each with one texture.

But I guess it's always a good aim (also for FSX) to try to only use one texture per model :)
Does anyone out there think X=Plane's Austin Meyer could use and incorporate very very complex kml files to more sharply define rivers and lakes for his next major redo?...I don't have X-Plane, but I would gladly give them away to him.


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It occurred to me the other day, regarding the lack of multi-materials in X-Plane, that you might be able to just make a larger image and use it as a texture atlas. I know we're limited to 1024x1024 textures in FS (without config tweaks), but does X-Plane allow 2048 or even 4096 textures? If so, it would solve that issue.