Creating INF file for terrain BGL.

Hey folks,

I have been wracking my brain on a project I have been working on for the Mount St. Helens area and I would like some assistance.

One of my longtime goals has been to produce a scenery package that would replicate the Mount St. Helens experience from a pre-1980 perspective. Just last night I managed to stumble upon source DEM data taken from the contour elevation profile of Mount St. Helens before May 18, 1980. The file is WGS84 DEM projection.

I'd like to compile and test it in the sim, however I am unsure on how to write INF files for the job.

How do I go about doing this?

Here's the DEM data as it appears in 3DEM, rendered to a low-res color-corrected LANDSAT1 image which I'll be using to create SBuilderX polygons for the glaciers and misc. photoreal stuff.


If I understand correctly what you mean, the inf file looks like this:

DestDir = "Output"
DestBaseFileName = "C:\Users\Philippe\Desktop\Mesh\StEustatius"
DestFileType = BGL
LOD = Auto

Type = GeoTIFF
Layer = Elevation
SourceDir = "[YOUR PATH]"
SourceFile = "[YOUR FILENAME]"
nCols = 
nRows =
xDim = 
yDim =
nCols, nRows, xDim and yDim are dependent on the DEM. You find these values in your GIS Software
(in ArcGIS: Right click on the layer -> Properties -> Source:
xDim, yDim is "Cell Size (X, Y)"
nCols, nRows is "Columns and Rows")

I hope this helps!