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FSX Creating new islands in the sea

Well l am surprised . Personally l support OSFP (Olympiakos) and hate PAO (Panathinaikos) , but when PAO has a European success , especially in baskeball , makes me feel good !!! . :mad:
OK , so l wish you luck with your Kiel team .

Did a bit of additional work , small terminal with jetways :) , buildings , parkings , aprons , taxipaths , AI traffic with 737-800's , roads to and from the village , l'll add some freeway
traffic and some more bits and pieces , and you know what ? It looks pretty good . l like it . No attached image though . Don't want to show off .

No l don't place polys on top of each other . Mostly it's separate polys for each part of the island , some places two polys max .

I was convinced I had made a reply with a screenshot, not to show off but to prove that ADE can do the job as well. Apparently I did not.
Anyway, here goes again (see attachment).
I admit it is more difficult without photoreal ground, but I would appreciate it if Horst would explain in what way either Sbuilder of FSXKML is easier to work with and would/or make things nicer.


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Omg, you did all that with ADE? :eek:

One of the big upsides of working with KML files is that you can manually edit them to change coordinates, tags (surfaces,...), altitudes and lots of other things. Drawing big and complex lines/polys is also easier with GoogleEarth, at least for me. And of course you have the advantage of working with the real world background, not having to setup a background image first. I found that high res background images tend to make ADE crash.
Hey Roby ,

Thought you hate SBX or did you changed your mind ?
l've made up my mind , that until l see some work done with SBX or FsxKml especially
that of an island , l'll stick to ADE before l embark in the uknown/unproved .

ps : l take it "no news" :)
Hi Horst, Hi George,

Yes, I did that only wth ADE and of course FSEarthTiles for the photoreal. And it took quite a lot of time, hence my obvious question if it would be easier to do it either in FSXKML or SbuilderX.
I do not use an ADE background but slew around in FSX and switch to ADE to add the vertices of the water, the roads, etc.
And no, I do not hate SBX, it is just that I still have to learn to use it, used as I am to ADE.
And no again, no news yet except that I am hard at work to release this (freeware) scenery of which I enclosed a screenshot (but without the photoreal ground as that is copyright I guess, although not sure), trying to convince my wife to let me buy a better computer, work in the house (to improve my chances of getting her approval) and in the yard (to get it ready for a hopefully nice summer) :) and trying to solve some current export problems with the Canary islands, Kuwait and Libya.


PS Charters for cargo are more and more difficult to find, how come? They earn too much money already? Hardly any B747's, no DC10's any longer, no B707's, no DC8-64/74's, no wide-bodies anymore? Where has Global Air gone? Or Flying Tigers? or Martinair? Or Cargolux? or Egyptair, LAA, TAAG, or LEA? Guess I will have to go for the Antonovs.
everything flat, mesh gone


Reviving an old thread? Yes. Well, yes!
I had to draw the coastline of a new island I am making photoreal and of which i found a nice mesh.
Remembering Thorsten's advice that it is much easier to draw the outlines with GE and use FSX KML afterwards, I thought I would let him convince me for once and I gave it a go because this island is so complicated that it would take me aeons to make it with ADE.
So far so good.
Of course I started off drawing a path that followed the coast only to find out (when finished drawing after 3 days) that you are not supposed to make a path but a polygon!
After having set my lazy grey cells at work, I figured that with a copy and paste job of the thousands of coords on to a polygon kml I could avoid having to start all over and so I did and it worked.
It then indeed took me a couple of hours only to begin to understand how FSX KML works and how to make an island.
So far still so good!
I kept checking everything with a top down view in FSX, saw the water gone, the land gone and the the new water at the correct place with the photoreal showing nicely. But I still saw the ancient coastlines and realized I also had to eliminate the shorelines (I did that rapidly with ADE, by the way).
And then I switched views and noticed the photoreal was as flat as a pancake. No nice mesh any longer.
I think I did everything correctly, i.e. first load the exclude ocean generic hydro polygon kml, then load the new and bigger ocean generic perennial hydropolygon kml and finally the GEmade coastline polygon kml tagged as poly hole.
Somewhere I then read that you have to put the new ocean polygon and the polygone hole in the same kml but I have not the faintest how to do that (if that is really necessary?) as copy and paste gives me an invalid xml declaration (line:52 <?xml version"1.0' encoding="UTF-8'?>)
I feel that you guys are now morally obliged to help me get my mesh back;).
Anxiously awaiting some solution.


PS and fyi: screenshot of FSX KML


Resource contributor
In GoogleEarth, create a folder and put all your polys into that folder. Then save this folder. The KML will contain the folder and the individual polys. Just make sure the polyhole is right below the water poly.

EDIT: You can edit KML files in any text editor, so if you accidentally created a path you can change it into a poly there. You can also copy+paste all kinds of things there or merge KML files this way.
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Thank you Thorsten,

I already edited the poplyline kml to a polygon kml.
I will now try to get my poly's into only one folder in GE.
Hopefully the weather is better in Kiel than it is here today.
It's much easier to use SBuilderX. You can import shape files and tag them with whatever you wish ;)

Here are hydro-polys for the whole of Scotland imported via shape files:

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It worked. Thanks a lot.
If you are 5 hours later then you are in for some more showers that probably George already had:).
Still easier, George?
Probably and I do not deny it but I am not yet ready to learn Xbuilder just yet. Unless, of course, it would allow me to make the water and blend masks from the GE contours I spent the last three days in making?;)