Cruise table

I would like to be able to fly with the cruise tables and then fly in level flight at constant altitude and at constant speed.
To do this the mechanics of the flight tells me: Tn = D, where Tn and the necessary push and D and resist it on the cruise.
In the cruise tables the value of N1 is present. So I just have to calculate the relative CN1 and then go to work on table 1506 in the .air file.
The problem is how can I calculate the resistance of the aircraft in FSX?
the same as you would anywhere. coefficient of drag after adding induced drag, parasite drag, and all other drag together. CDqS gives the thrust you need at cruise.

Roy Holmes

Resource contributor
The easiest way to see what drag you have is to use Air Wrench or AirWiz. That will give you total drag for any cruise flight condition. It will also tell you your thrust against CN1,
What's the name of that tool that can show you live coefficients? I've used it but forget the name.....great tool for this stuff. It takes all the FS airfile data and converts it correctly into coefficients the sim is using.