FSXA Custom L:Var problems

HI folks, just wondering if anybody can help me with a problem I am having. I have a custom L:Var which drives a call button in the cockpit. Code below.
    <Animation name="call button" guid="a3c88c2a-5e14-4532-ab58-047dcb210f93" length="50" type="Sim" typeParam2="call button" typeParam="AutoPlay" />
    <Name>call button</Name>
        <Code>(L:call button, bool) 50 *</Code>
      <CallbackCode>(L:call button, bool) ! (>L:call button, bool)</CallbackCode>
Now I want the pressing of said call button to display a custom message on my EICAS screen. but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Every gauge that I have pulled apart and examined seems to have elements in them which are to complex
for my little brain. Is there a simple way of doing this. Would love some input from the experts.
Many thanks in advance.


Resource contributor
There is no simple way. You will have to work with a countdown timer that is triggered from the button's L: var by assigning a start value and then keep the EICAS message visible as long as the timer variable is counting down (i.e. larger than zero).
You want the message to appear when the button is pressed and to disappear when it is pressed again?

Create a poly floating a tiny distance in front of the EICAS screen. Texture it with your message on it.

Then, in addition to the button animation, create a visibility condition like so
<Name>EICAS_message XXX</Name>
  (L:call button, bool)
No <Animation> line needed. Attach the vis condition to the poly. Done.