Custom Polyline Building?

does anyone know how to add custom polyline buildings to the extrusion.xml to use them with different textures without overwriting the default ones? My attempt was to simply copy a polyline entry in that xml but it refers to two different GUIDS for MaterialSetReference and ExtrusionReference.

<PolylineBuildingProfile id="{f707c26e-32ed-4f15-85a2-81c5bc9f8b32}">
<FriendlyName>3 Story Flat Roof Mixed</FriendlyName>

The SDK is not quite clear and looking into materials.xml shows this entry for the GUID above for MaterialSetReference:

<Regionalization id="{505d06ac-702c-4471-a3b9-d0b195994b43}">
<FriendlyName>Polyline Flat Mat Set Rgn</FriendlyName>

Which does not realy makes it easier.
So, maybe someone knows which files have to be altered to make a copy of a Polyline Building Profile, combine it wit a new MaterialSetReference GUID and which file to create or change to bring this MaterialSetReference alive?



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Hi Thorsten,

I never did it for polygonal buildings, but you should indeed make a new entry for the texture you want in the materials file. Then let your new building refer to that.