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Paul Domingue

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You know curiosity got the best of me and I had to run right over and check. Sorry but I can't confirm what you saw. You might want to check your system for malware.
None knows,

but there must be only a few hours that I have done a complete check at my system, just a coincidence!

Have you check it with Chrome, because I show it with Chrome but I have just check it with Firefox and it doesn't appear!!!
I got a redirect loop warning. Looks like the site went offline and was taken over by one of those link farms you occasionally see on defunct domains.
Why not take notice of the warning and keep away from the site - or is it such any important site that it's worth the risk?


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I checked out the site (using the mobile version of Chrome) and I don't think this has anything to do with FS in any way.... What was the post for that linked this euhm... Webpage?


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Thanks for the heads up. I removed those image redirects and hopefully the problem is solved.

“Deceptive site ahead” error is a protective measure to warn computer users about an unsafe website. It can either be used for phishing purposes, contain malware and harmful programs or try to load scripts from unauthorized sources. It is important to understand that this alert is designed for your own safety. The websites which are hidden behind “Deceptive site ahead” message can claim that you have won a prize or lottery and ask to submit personal information. It can include your name, surname, email address, credit card details and other valuable data. Later, criminals use the information to swindle money from gullible and inexperienced computer users.