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Decompiling a BGL File

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Hi Gary

When you say submit a 3D model that is compatible, what do you mean when you say "that is compatible?" Compatible with what?

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Hi Gary

When you say submit a 3D model that is compatible, what do you mean when you say "that is compatible?" Compatible with what?


Hi Ken:

I suggest that you create 1 or more "bookmarks" or "favorites" to each of the 10 pages in this thread, so that it will be easier to find when any future discussion elsewhere is cited / referenced / linked.

IMHO, it is increasingly challenging for all, including both you and me, to recall and cite information which has previously been posted somewhere in the now 182 posts within this thread.

FYI: It is extremely uncommon for threads to grow beyond 2- or possibly 3- pages at FSDeveloper, although some exceptions can be found here and there.

Notable exceptions also exist on other FS website forums now and then, such as some of the many threads at AVSIM, and one particular thread at flightsim.com on "How to create photoreal scenery for FSX".

However, the sheer length of such threads eventually reach the point where they become counter-productive, and would-be readers are un-willing to read through the entire thread, and thus may not derive the full benefit of some or all of the potential learning experience that might otherwise be had ...if the thread were kept smaller.

Also, in most forums, efforts are typically made to focus on- and even "limit" the content of threads to- a specific topic, and when the subject of that topic is reasonably discussed and/or questions in the opening post (aka "OP") are answered, that thread is considered as having 'run its course'.

Subsequently, thread participants customarily do not perpetuate ongoing discussion with multiple new digressions on issues which are either less directly-related to- or in some cases entirely un-related to- the original topic which compelled the opening post.

Most forum participants recognize the prospective advantages which might be achieved when threads are kept smaller and specific to the topic of the opening post, and do not perpetuate ongoing discussion via digression, but rather open a new topic-specific thread when appropriate as new questions, troubleshooting issues etc. persist after first exhausting one's own knowledge base and conducting a personal search throughout the available knowledge base at FSDeveloper and other FS websites.

And most forum participants willingly "moderate" their posting behavior in discussion threads entirely among themselves without it becoming necessary for a forum administrator to 'moderate' the thread by locking it. ;)

Although the local 'Search' function at most of the above FS websites have inherent limitations, one can nearly always find what one is looking for (and many informative topically-related subject which can be bookmarked for future study) by using the Google search engine.

I suggest using a search string for ex: Google such as:

site:www.fsdeveloper.com [your "few" query words go here without the square brackets]

I have allocated a vast amount of time to trying to help you in this- and a number of other threads over the years- at FSDeveloper, and have in the latter part of this thread attempted to alert you to the very real need to focus on specific topics to minimize my time expenditure, so that I am better able to attend to all my many commitments.

As I have explained previously, I must necessarily limit my time in discussion with you primarily to the work-flow I recommend, and that this is not out of disregard for other discussion participants, but due to constraints upon my available time making it necessary to minimize the number sub-topics we may discuss.

Hopefully, this may also help you to learn and retain what I may recommend to you without additional demands upon my time being called for ...as you consider information arising from 3rd parties in a "public" discussion setting.

Thus, certain topics and specific recommendations may be better discussed by the two of us on a one-on-one basis without having to allocate more time to discussion of alternate work-flows by 3rd parties, since my available time to engage in intermittent discussion between the two of us on a 'reservedly' and "by-name" person-to-person basis might make it impractical to conduct such discussions in a forum which is inherently intended to be a open for posting by all members.

IMHO, in addition to considering the overall impact a longer thread may have on the willingness of would-be readers to read the entire thread, one should also consider limiting the topic of the thread so that others may participate during its course ...and before the thread 'naturally' runs its course over perhaps one- or at most- ...a "few" pages.

So, I must request that, for the purposes of any ongoing intermittent discussion between the "just the two of us" on 'specialized' topics (which IMHO have constituted significant portions of this thread), we shall conduct those discussions via the FSDeveloper private message (aka "PM") system and NOT in the public discussion forums.

After a "private message system" discussion has run its course, if either of us should conclude that some of the content of that discussion may be appropriate, of interest, and potentially helpful to other readers, IIUC, we may share selected excerpts in a public forum thread and thereby open it for discussion by all, or perhaps create a condensed, organized and "vetted" new resource for the "wiki" knowledge base area at FSDeveloper.

At this time, I suggest it would be in your best interest to review all 10 pages and 182 posts within this thread to reconsider the information we have all discussed here.

I believe when you have finished that review, you will gain new insights, and will be able to answer many of your questions, including what I meant when I suggest that you "submit a 3D model that is compatible" ...with the work-flow I have recommended to you on more than one occasion in this thread. :coffee:

Please feel free to send me a "PM" with an attached 3D model which you believe may be compatible with utilizing those methods I have described and recommended above. :)

PS: I have edited my post above:


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Hi Lane:

Sorry for the delay in responding to your replies here: :oops:



Regarding my use of the editing option for my posts, although I believe it is certainly preferable to have one's posts completely composed to a "finished" status when one clicks the "Post Reply" button, I do indeed sometimes find it necessary and/or preferable to make edits to my posts at my sole discretion as the author of my posts, and to the extent that performing such edits are permitted as an option extended equitably to all forum participants at FSDeveloper forums.

I also believe it is certainly preferable to have one's posts 'quoted' within a thread which has many posts and/or a rapid succession of posts, to ensure all readers are better able to follow the context of a 'new' discussion initiated by a participant on a subject currently, recently, or previously under discussion within that same thread.

Of course, making edits to a 'quote' of someones prior post in order to accurately quote that author's "edited" post might prove to be something of an inconvenience to some thread participants, and could ultimately discourage "following too closely" with quotes of posts by participants who occasionally exercise their right to edit their own posts from time-to-time. ;)

Regarding the sequence of posts which took place, I do ordinarily try to respond to posts in the order in which they may occur in a thread.

After reading your initial reply to my question here:


...I did not see that your reply would necessarily require a time-urgent or 'mission-critical' reply from me.

Note that my time zone is "CDT":

Lane Street, Sunday at 20:52 Report #176 Like Reply

In the mean time, Ken's post appeared:


Gary, you said that if I utilize some of the methods you suggested, I can get the vertex limitations to work with FS2004. I like to get started on that. So, what's the first thing I need to start with?


Note the time of Ken' post in my time zone:

kmanning, Sunday at 21:39 Report #177 Like Reply

I subsequently read your next post at:


Note the time of your latter post in my time zone (as of todays date, Tuesday, September 29, 2015):

Lane Street, Yesterday at 00:11 Report #179 Like Reply

Again, your latter post seemed self-explanatory and would not necessarily require a time-urgent or 'mission-critical' reply from me.

Although I consider it my primary "mission" to focus my limited available time on the perceived "needs" of the person who opens a thread, I do also endeavor to be courteous to all who may direct a post to me (in the order in which such posts appear in my time zone).

But, regardless, I should properly thank you for taking some of your 'precious' time to answer my questions. :duck:

So, thanks for sharing your insights and your example work-flow. :)

Hi Gary,
I guess if we have to use the PM, that will be okay. Is that the one where the tab says Inbox? I noticed there's an Inbox and I did have a couple of messages. I guess this is the PM I read about. I wanted to reply to one message but there is no reply button that I can find. It would have been okay to start a new thread because I can see that this one is kind of long. That's what I was planning to do anyway.

Hi Ken:

I have received and replied to your PM. :)

It is also your option to continue non-exclusive discussions with other interested participants in this thread as well. ;)

I believe this thread has wandered a bit off topic, and I am closing it.

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