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P3D v4 Default Autogen Objects suppress Autogen Trees (specifically the ag_telephonepole)


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I've stumbled upon an issue that seems to exist only in P3Dv4. I don't think I've encountered it in other sims.

Any autogen I create which has but a single default autogen object in that cell (specifically the ag_telephone object pole; found in Scenery\Global\scenery\autogen.bgl; GUID: 46f3d6cb-4270-4373-aee9-89fb38462ea9; default.xml reference: 960b0c53-4824-d848-e7ea-3e9475d18c29) causes all trees in that cell to disappear. Buildings and other autogen objects remain unaffected.

Above you can clearly see the one cell on my island of Barbados which does not contain a telepole.

This is the same autogen object since FSX. It has remained unchanged. But as far as I can recall, this does not occur in previous sims. Has anybody encountered this and found a potential solution?

The only fix I have for now is to remove all telepoles from my scenery autogen, which is a shame.
I could just create my own telepole object and add it to my custom autogen (which would probably also save some polygons) but that's low priority and I'd still like to figure out why this is happening.

I have made some scenery using that object before as well, I can try to load it in P3D and see if I have the same results.
No, I have been on vacation the last week. And I'm not behind my machine with P3D now.

I checked the scenery I made before, but the telephone poles are still there.

Are your autogen trees custom or default?

I'm wondering if its some sort of conflict with my trees. But I've checked that there are no conflicting GUIDs, MDL format is FSX and DDS format is DTX5, so i'm really not sure what else to look for. :scratchch
The trees use default models.

Do you have custom tree models or just custom groupings?
Hi Mousy:

I do not have P3Dv4.x to test with, but have you checked the 'active' Terrain.Cfg to verify whether the "individual" Telephone Pole object GUID is cross-linked with a vector Autogen 'meta-object' which includes that Telephone Pole object ?

For example: Telephone Poles typically are 'linked' via a custom definition in Terrain.Cfg to a vector Autogen 'meta-object', so that they automatically appear along the side of certain CVX vector Road objects also placed by that 'meta-object'.

I mention this based on a possibility that it might explain custom Autogen display failure if a Telephone Pole GUID is used.

If a line of multiple Telephone Poles is placed incidental to having placed a roadway via a vector Autogen 'meta-object', the total count of Autogen objects may exceed the threshold limit of "Autogen over-saturation", and may result in a failure of any Autogen to appear in scenery areas.

This is a rather obscure and over-looked consideration which is sometimes a factor in troubleshooting Autogen issues.

You may wish to review the info in this MS-KB article regarding FSX Autogen Limits per LOD-13 / QMID-15 quad:


...and this thread with an attached archive of a 'vigorous' discussion on 'Pros / Cons' of Autogen limitation at AVSIM


...and this thread regarding FS9 versus FSX Autogen limits per LOD-13 / QMID-15 quad:


...and this thread, with an attached archive of a tutorial on creating vector autogen entitled: "Fun With Lines" by Luis Feliz-Tirado:


I hope some or all of this linked info may prove helpful for your troubleshooting process. :)

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